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Did you know 1 in 5 children will experience mental health challenges in a given year?

Children will experience:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Behavioural Issues
Executive Function Disorder
Sleep Disorders

Less than 20% of these children will receive adequate support from a mental health professional.

Lack of Essential Resources Hinders Emotional Development and Problem-Solving Abilities in Early Childhood

The Impact: Disruptive Behaviours and Classroom Conflicts Arising from Emotional Deficit

As a leader in education, have you observed negative actions in young children?

You may have experienced:

  • Physical Aggression (hitting or biting)
  • Destructive Behaviours (throwing objects)
  • Withdrawal
  • Self-Isolation

It’s important to remember, these behaviours serve as a means of communication for children, representing their response to specific emotions and their way of dealing with situations.

The Key Necessity: Empowering Children with Vital Life Skills for Emotion Recognition, Articulation, Problem Solving, and Emotional Regulation.

Passionate Mother of Four and Founder of Junior Genius Childcare

Andrea Jebb's Dedication to Early Childhood Development

As an Early Years Educator and single parent, Andrea wanted her children and students to embrace diversity and be resilient in the face of life's challenges. So, she introduced wellness routines early on, witnessing amazing transformations in her classroom and at home. Gratitude, breathwork, meditation, touch therapy, and healthy habits worked wonders for her boys as well as the children in her care. The children became emotionally aware, found joy in life's blessings, and displayed positive behaviours like mindful eating. Their strong bond fostered open communication, where they freely shared their feelings, allowing them to problem-solve and display resilience. Inspired, she envisioned the impact of these practices on all children, especially in schools. Thus, she launched a pilot study at Junior Genius Childcare, Ireland's first Early Years Wellness School. The study in partnership with Christine Clinton, Chair of the Global Wellness for Children Initiative revealed remarkable outcomes: increased engagement, improved emotional intelligence, effective self-regulation, and stronger connections among students and teachers.

Motivated by these results Andrea and Christine Founded Education from the Heart.

Cultivating Healthy Generations through Heart-Centred Education

By focusing on health and wellness in Early Childhood you will reduce the risk of:

Type 2 Diabetes
Heart Disease
Some Cancers

Incorporating Education from the Heart into your school setting is crucial for supporting children's overall development. It will positively impact their physical and mental well-being, self-confidence, learning abilities, and social interactions.

By neglecting these aspects of wellbeing, we can hinder their learning potential, impair social-emotional development, and lead to conflicts in the classroom.

Education from the Heart prioritises health and wellness, to help you create a balanced and positive learning environment that benefits the whole child and enhances learning outcomes.

Implementing "Education from the Heart":

A Five-Year Trial at Ireland's First Early Years Wellness School in partnership with Global Wellness for Children Initiative

Where: Junior Genius Childcare, Dublin Ireland
When: 2018 - 2022
Who was involved?

  • Over 300 children and their families
  • 50 Early Childhood Educators
  • Child Psychologists
  • Early Learning Experts
  • Wellness Specialists

The Junior Genius Global Team


Children were able to identify and express how they were feeling.
Children were able to manage big emotions using breathwork and mindfulness.
There were less behavioural challenges such as picky eating, emotional outbursts and classroom conflicts.
Improved sleep patterns were noted by parents.
Children were found to cooperate with each other, and problem solve.
Overall improved classroom behaviour.
Children increased in confidence throughout the program. Participation in classroom activities improved and their willingness to engage with others.
Children with neuro-diverse needs actively engaged in the hands-on activities and modifications were made to the lessons to suit their specific needs.
Children were able to identify how to keep their mind and body healthy through nutrition, movement, hydration, and rest.

Teachers found the program:

  • User-friendly
  • Time-saving
  • Fun and engaging for children
  • Supporting overall child development
  • Easily integrated into daily curriculum expectations

Parents appreciated:

  • The holistic approach
  • Improvements in their child's well-being
  • Open communication between school and home
  • Improved communication with their child, and family connections with the weekly wellness task

Students expressed enthusiasm for:

  • Interactive learning experiences
  • Frequently referenced program's songs and activities
  • Positive impact on their lives
  • Learning through play and learning outside
  • The characters from the program
  • Fun games
  • Activities and new play resources

Education from the Heart prioritises children's well-being. It focuses on reducing anxiety and stress by teaching emotional awareness, fostering a growth mindset, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Education from the Heart:

Empowering Education Leaders, Teachers, and Families in Promoting Early Years Wellness

Education from the Heart seamlessly integrates into any curriculum, becoming an essential part of education. Teachers can easily incorporate its teachings, fostering a wellness culture that supports children's social and emotional needs. The program values strong partnerships between home and school, allowing parents to engage with teachers and access resources through the family portal.

  • Access to Learning Management System
  • Wellness Unit for each school term
  • Weekly Lesson Plans
  • eBooks
  • Songs
  • Cartoons
  • Guided Meditations
  • Yoga Activities
  • Printable Materials
  • Self-directed online training
  • Teacher Wellbeing Resources
  • Family Portal

Education from the Heart includes 3 themes one per school term, and each theme focuses on a specific area of wellbeing.

Happy Heart

Happy Heart teaches children how to name, identify and regulate their emotions while developing their sense of identity and belonging.

Mindful Heart

Mindful Heart teaches children how to develop a growth mindset and positive outlook.

Healthy Heart

Healthy Heart teaches children how to nourish a healthy body and mind.

You will gain confidence in the knowledge that YOU are providing young children with an outstanding beginning in life and ensure that your teachers possess strong expertise and receive adequate support in promoting the well-being of children

Frequently asked questions

Who can implement Education from the Heart?
Education from the Heart can be implemented in any school setting or cater for children aged 3-4 and 4-5. The program is delivered by teachers in the classroom and can be integrated into any school curriculum
Do parents have access to Education from the Heart?
Yes, parents will have login details to access the Family Portal. The Family Portal allows parents and caregivers to access the weekly resources to align what is being taught in school at home.
What is included in the Education from the Heart?
Education from the Heart includes all the necessary materials needed to implement the program via the online platform. You will have access to:
  • Online Training
  • Teacher Wellbeing Meditations
  • 24 lesson plans per year
  • Any printed materials required
  • Songs
  • Cartoons
  • Ebooks
  • Breathwork
  • Yoga
  • Family Portal
What is covered during the online training?
There are 10 modules to complete for the online training to deepen your knowledge of child wellbeing and to prepare you and the educators in implementing Education from the Heart. The modules include:
  • Introduction the Education from the Heart
  • What is Wellness?
  • Wellness in a Classroom Environment
  • Education from the Heart Explained
  • The Happy Heart
  • The Mindful Heart
  • The Healthy Heart
  • The Family Portal
  • Curriculum Integration
  • Teacher Wellbeing


A calm, inviting, safe engaging environment for children, dedicated to providing children with fun, playful and meaningful learning experiences. A place where positive social interactions, conflict management, problem-solving as well as fun and laughter happens consistently. A classroom where children are able to identify, articulate, and manage their emotions which leads to increased classroom participation and positive learning outcomes. A school where children are excited to learn and play everyday, a place parents are proud to send their children.

Imagine: a positive learning community for leaders, educators, children, and families

EVEN BETTER if we live in a world free of preventable diseases. We reduce the number of children experiencing mental health challenges.

Imagine we raise Happy, Healthy and Resilient Children

Our team has over 50 years experience combined in the Early Education and Wellness Industry

  • Andrea Jebb


    • Founder of the largest early childhood education centre & Ireland’s first wellness school.
    • Author of inspirational children’s books.
    • Passionate about changing the understanding of early years education and the proven importance of the formative years.

  • Christine Clinton


    • Chair of the Global Wellness for Children Initiative.
    • Recipient of Debra Simon Award for Leader in Furthering Mental Wellness
    • Certified in the PECO program, level 1 & 2 - The First 1,000 days, preconception, pregnancy wellness and the first two years of life with Dr Sergio Pecorelli.
    • Trained in Mind Body Medicine at Harvard University with Dr Herbert Benson.
    • Energy Medicine training with Donna Eden
    • Leading expert in cancer care with an award-winning cancer care programme.

  • Emer Sproule

    Company Manager & Early Years Curriculum Expert

    • Over ten years experience in international education.
    • Curriculum Developer
    • Facilitator of early years workshops for parents and teachers.
    • Passionate about a holistic approach to education.


"I strongly recommend the adoption of this innovative program"

“The world, the governments, those who have responsibilities in healthcare often underestimate the importance of mental health in children. Junior Genius Global has launched a great innovative program, named “Education from the Heart”. It provides teachers with all necessary materials and training resources to teach children how to live a healthy lifestyle by developing emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. If we teach and educate children how to look deep into their hearts, understanding their feelings, the so-called “emotion road”, thus developing emotional intelligence, well, we are already achieving a great goal. Moreover, the program provides tools such as meditation, sense of gratitude, breathwork and is able to show children in simple words and examples the meaning of sustainability and the right choices for a healthy and happy life on our planet. I strongly recommend the adoption of this innovative program if we want to start changing our planetary health!”

Sergio Pecorelli, MD PhD
Professor and Chancellor Emeritus, University of Brescia, Italy

"A great benefit to the field of early childhood education"

“The Education from the Heart is a valuable resource for educators. It is clearly laid out, very well organised and provides an abundance of support resources and templates to make it easy to implement. The helpful and beautiful pictures and recorded songs also enhance this curriculum. It is obvious that a great deal of thought and consideration of the development of children went into creating this. Both the assessments of learning and suggested accommodations are sensitive to the varied needs of children. The program is something that will provide great benefit to the field of early childhood education. It was a wonderful pleasure to review this resource that will beautifully support the social and emotional development of young children and therefore contribute to a more peaceful world.”

Deborah McNelis, M.Ed
Author, Speaker and Founder of Brain Insights

"Pioneering work in terms of wellness for children"

“Education from the Heart is a brilliant example of best practice and innovation in this sector and in Children’s mental health. It was really evident that every aspect of the children’s wellbeing is being catered for. Junior Genius Global really is doing pioneering work in terms of wellness for children.”

Emer Higgins
Irish Politician and member of Irish House of Parliament

"An incredible group of educators and experts"

“I enjoyed learning about the Education of the Heart program created by Junior Genius Global. I was particularly impressed by the range of evidence-based wellness activities developed for 3,4 and 5 year olds. Understanding the importance of the formative years helps to focus the efforts in teaching resilience as early as possible. I have great admiration and respect for the team at Junior Genius. Andrea has assembled an incredible group of educators and experts who go and above and beyond to support the growth and wellbeing of the children.”

Freddie Moross
Managing Director, Myndstream, Board Advisor, Global Wellness Institute

"Implementing strategies at home"

“Education from the Heart Program is absolutely brilliant. I, as a parent, feel very lucky that Poppy is getting this exposure. The emotional literacy she developed and strategies she learned through songs and stories really added to her schema of what it means to live a healthy, happy life and we were able to implement the strategies at home. I feel it’s important to mention how Poppy regularly spoke about the program. In particular, I remember one day I brought her in late and she had missed the hour session. She was not impressed with me when I picked her up and even spoke about it at 3:00am in the morning when she woke up to go to the toilet. This really displays the positive impact the program had on her.”

Jodie Moody
Parent of Poppy, Junior Genius Ireland

"Education from the Heart has revolutionised my teaching"

“Education from the Heart has transformed my classroom by providing a holistic approach to nurturing my students' well-being. The interactive and engaging activities keep my students actively involved in the learning process. From breathwork, mindfulness, storybooks, games and experiments to arts and crafts, the program caters to diverse learning styles, making every day a fun and educational adventure for my students. The inclusion of catchy songs not only adds joy to our classroom but also reinforces key concepts and aids in memory retention and language development. Having everything I need in one place saves me time and effort. The user-friendly platform provides easy access to all materials, streamlining my planning process and allowing me to focus on teaching. Education from the Heart has revolutionised my teaching experience and I would highly recommend it to fellow educators.”

Katarzyna Thondaryan
Educator, Junior Genius Ireland

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